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An Important Message To All Injured Car Accident Victims Who Have Ever Wondered…

Will My Rates Go Up If I Get Treatment For My Injuries?

Do I Have To Go To My Insurance Company's Doctor Or Can I See One I Choose?

What If The Other Driver's Insurance Tells Me That They Won't Pay?

What If The Other Driver Doesn't Have Insurance?

If The Damage To My Car Was Minor, Can I Still Be Injured?

Will My Medical Bills Be Paid?

Do I Have To Pay My Deductible Even If The Accident Wasn't My Fault?

Do I Need A Lawyer?

How Do I Choose A Doctor? Which Doctor Specializes In My Injuries And Will Properly Document My Case So I Have The Best Chance For A Fair Settlement?

Then You Will Want A FREE Copy Of My New Report, "The Texas Car Accident Victims Survival Guide…

7 Things You Must Know If You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident… Absolutely FREE and No Strings Attached"

What you are about to read is so different, it will strain your imagination. More than once you will wonder how is it that no one has given me this information before. You might just find that you will be totally amazed and in disbelief… but… I assure you… it's 100% true - - ALL OF IT. And the most amazing thing is… it's just a "sneak preview" to the well hidden secrets you'll find in my all new "The Texas Car Accident Victims Survival Guide… 7 Things You Must Know If You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident."… I think the most revealing and controversial, insider "tell-all" report for car accidents victims ever written. What's more… I'm gonna show you how you can get your hands on it… absolutely free!

If you have been in a car accident in the state of Texas, then reading this letter may be one of the most important things you do… in your entire life. Here's why:

Being injured in a car accident is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Being injured in a car accident in Texas… and... not knowing exactly what to do, can quickly place you at risk for losing out on your rights.

Did you know that…

Texas' Car Accident Insurance System Is A Complete Nightmare!

Texas suffers from the highest insurance rates in the country… with… some of the worst coverage. Politically strong insurance companies continue to get new laws passed that favor their bottom line and leave injured victims out in the cold by limiting your ability to be compensated for a legitimate injury.

The bottom line is: You're loosing your rights to the medical coverage you deserve and the chance for a fair settlement. Insurance companies are trying to put more money in their pockets… while… covering less. Much less.

Know this: The worst thing in the world is loosing your car, your house, your job and your health… because you didn't take the right, simple steps… immediately… to protect yourself from shady lawyers, doctors and insurance companies. Including your own insurance company.

You read that right. Protect yourself from your OWN insurance company.

Let's face it. Insurance companies are big businesses… and… have one thing in mind…

Their Profit!

And you, my friend, become the enemy to their profit the day you have a car accident… if it was your fault or not. The bottom line is this: If you have been injured (and even if you haven't been injured!) in a car accident in Texas…

You Better Know Your Rights


How To Choose The Right Doctor and Lawyer

That Will Do What's Best For You

And Not Their Own Pocket!

You see, you can not rely on your own insurance company to do what's best for you.

Get this… this is crucial… What's best for you… usually… is what's worst for them.

Let's get one thing crystal clear… insurance companies have "experts" on their payroll who's job it is to make sure you cost them as little money as possible. If that's not a conflict of interest… I don't know what is.

And it gets worse. Listen, the only difference between you getting the treatment you need and having it paid for... or... ending up with lifelong pain with thousands in unpaid medical bills is… almost always…

The Doctor And Lawyer You Choose!

So how do you choose them? Well, I'll tell you how I would NOT:

1. By throwing a dart at the yellow pages!

2. Your Cousin Vinny said he was good!

3. That guy from the gym!

4. Calling a 1-800 number from the Jerry Springer commercial!

5. An illegal "runner" or ambulance chaser that gets paid big bucks to bring you to a doctor or lawyer… they may even promise you money… that… you will never see… and... may even ruin your case! The insurance companies know which clinics use ambulance chasers and they will give those cases a lower value.

The worst thing I've ever heard of is letting a telemarketer choose your doctor. Would you follow the advice of a telemarketer to help you choose an open heart surgeon? So, why would you let him/her tell you who to go to after a car accident? This does not mean that some telemarketers don't have your best interest in mind… but… which ones?

So how do you get all the information you need to make an informed decision? Well, you have two choices: Either spend countless hours researching all this stuff yourself… or… get a copy of my report that I am offering to you free if you have been injured in a car accident.

Here's Just A Small Sample Of What Will Be Revealed In This Eye Opening Report:

The biggest insurance company lie that can cost you thousands of dollars… and… years of suffering!! (I bet they've told you this big lie already!)

Why insurance companies rush you to settle your case as fast as they can! (They'll tell you it's in your best interest… but there's another reason!)

Why choosing the wrong doctor can KILL your case… and… leave you faced with thousands in unpaid bills! (There's ONE question to ask your doctor that will give you proof he knows what he's doing!)

Some doctors are good at treating car accident injuries. Some are good at documenting them for your case. How do you find one that is good at both? (What good is a big settlement if you are in pain for the rest of your life?)

A 5 minute test that can answer many of your back and neck pain questions and help document if you have and injury!

A simple test that insurance companies hate to see and that most doctors don't perform that proves you have pain.

Why should you be careful with ambulance chasers that call you after you have had an auto accident. Some of them illegally get paid hundreds if you go to their clinic and they will stop at nothing to get you in there. They might even lie to you and say that they are calling from the insurance company.

How car accident injuries can be sneaky… and... show up weeks or months after the accident. (Warning: Insurance companies will try to deny paying for treatment of these injuries… read my report and find out why they must pay!)

Why, how and when you should be evaluated to protect your rights and your health! (I'll show you a way to get state of the art testing and a car accident injury severity evaluation… absolutely FREE!!!)

The good, the bad... and… the ugly about emergency room (ER) visit after an auto accident. (I will show you which symptoms you should have that will be a red flag and you should go to the ER after a car crash)

The single biggest mistake… I guarantee your making… right now… that can make your car accident injury worse! (Making this ONE mistake can lead to long term pain… correcting it now can make a huge difference in pain relief!)

What's causing your back or neck pain after a car accident… (and a possible, quick and easy solution so you may get on the right track to end it… fast!)

Why taking pain pills can hide a serious injury that leads to arthritis! (By the time you realize you need other treatment, your case has been settled and insurance refuses to pay for future treatment!)

The back pain treatment Worker's Compensation Studies have shown to be twice as effective as traditional medical treatments and cost much less! (Is this treatment right for you and, how you can give it a try!)

What can happen if you ignore that little stiff neck from your accident… (If you have ANY stiffness or pain in your neck… at all… you need to read this!)

Who's insurance pays if I'm injured as a passenger? (What happens if I don't have insurance? What happens if the driver doesn't have insurance? What happens if the person who hit me does not have insurance?)

And much… much… more!!!

Here's What May Happen As A Result Of Getting Your Free Report


What Might Happen Of You Choose NOT To Get This Report:

1. You will get honest, no B.S. answers to many or your car accident injury questions so you have a better chance to protect your rights… and… treat your injuries properly. Now, this report may not have the answers to all of your questions… and… it is not providing legal advice. But it will answer most… if not all… of them. You have the opportunity… right now… to find out dirty little secrets insurance company's pray you never find out… so… you get what you deserve for paying the highest premiums in the country.

Let's get one thing straight… this information is critical to your future. If you get this report… and read it… it will help you.

2. Now, if you don't get this report there are a number of things that can happen to you… and… most of them are not good. After reading this if you don't get this report, then in my opinion, you move from victim to volunteer. I know that may seem a bit harsh but really think about . I have given you a way to get the information you need that could very well change the rest of your life and if you choose not to get that information then you have decided to be a volunteer in the insurance game and the worst part is you don't know he rules. You could ignore your injuries and end up with life long pain and thousands in unpaid bills. Or.. You could always get lucky and have everything "mysteriously" fall into place.

Well, I kind of look at it like winning the Texas Lotto. Your chances are pretty slim. I just don't like leaving anything to luck… much less something this important. Something that may shape the rest of your life and impact those around you.

So how do you qualify to get this new report?......

Who Should Get This Free Report:

You should ONLY get this free report if:

You, a family member… or…. a loved one has been injured in a car accident.

You want to know the best treatment options for your injuries.

You want your injures to be properly documented because you may have a future case.

You want to know what your insurance company is obligated to pay for… regarding your injuries.

You want to know how to choose a doctor that is right for your injuries and your case.

You want to know dirty little insurance company secrets that may keep you from getting your medical bills paid.

Who Should NOT Get This Free Report:

You should NOT get this free report if:

You, a family member… or… loved one has NOT been in a car accident.

You are a "scammer." Please do not order your free report if you are just looking to fake an injury and commit insurance fraud. I've put this report together to help honest people who have unfortunately been injured in a car accident and want to know the facts. Please do not abuse this information.

Here's The Easy Way To Get Your Free Report:

Click the link and download your free copy of the report.

The Texas Car Accident Victims Survival Guide

If you have selected to save the information to your local hard drive, please give the download time to complete. Download times will vary depending on your Internet connection and traffic at our Web site.

If you experience difficulties retrieving this report, please do not hesitate to contact us at 210-366-HELP(4357)

One more thing… This report is yours free and there is absolutely no further obligation. No strings attached!



DC -Doctor of Chiropractic

CCSP -Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

FIACA -Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture

DABFE -Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners

DABDA -Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Analysts

DABCO -Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedist

P.S. Listen: If you order your free report and do exactly what I tell you to do (without "second guessing" me) then… I promise… this report will make a world of difference in your life! If anybody in the future ever asks you why you are still in pain after your car accident… and… have so many unpaid medical bills… you are going to be a liar if you say…

"Nobody Ever Showed Me How!"

Exclusive Offer

New patients receive a free consultation on their first visit. Consultation includes history of presenting problem, chiropractic screening to determine if chiropractic care would be helpful to presenting problem, recommendations if additional testing is necessary (like x-rays, MRIs, and lab tests).  Sign-up using the form or call us at (210) 366-4357 to take advantage of this exclusive offer and must mention this offer when arrive at the office. (Does not apply to insurance or Medicare patients)

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